City Break

3, 4 or 5 days

Discover your destination when you get to the airport. It’s the most relaxed you will ever be about going to a new city! Leave it to us to pick your flight and arrange some great accommodation.

Forget about forward-planning

  • Take a short break somewhere in continental Europe
  • Stay in a centrally located accommodation
  • Discover the city in a completely different way
  • Forget the guidebook. Make your own discoveries
  • Turn the unknown into the unforgettable
Annabel (27) & Rick (23)

Secretly we did have some nerves, excitement and adrenalin… But what a kick it was to be surprised with the destination! It felt so free and wonderful to just enjoy without having to lift a finger. Such an adventure and experience. All we can say is this; let go and just do it!

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You take care of

  • A valid passport
  • Travel to and from the airport
  • Food, drinks and any activities
  • Making sure you arrive at the airport at least two hours before you are due to fly
  • Any taxes which have to be paid locally
  • Travel and cancellation insurance

Prices and availability

Depart from?

With how many people?

How many days?

Where would you prefer to sleep?

All or Mediterranean Europe?

What is the difference?

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Frequently asked questions

Do you arrange transfers to/from my accommodation?

Freedom starts the moment you arrive at your destination. There is always a bus, train, metro or taxi that can take you to your accommodation. Want to know the fastest or cheapest way? Walk to the airport’s information desk or check out the online travel planner website!

Why does each date have different prices in your calendar?

We don’t have any pre-set deals with accommodations or airlines. Like you’ve probably noticed when booking a holiday yourself, prices tend to increase as flights and hotels start to fill up. When they increase their prices we automatically need to do so too. Therefore the price you see in the calendar doesn’t reflect how far you will fly but corresponds directly with the dates you choose.

What kind of destination can I expect?

Actually, the only thing we can tell you is that there's an airport nearby. Whether it's a destination that's off the beaten track or somewhere you've heard of lots of times before, it's the excitement of not knowing that gives you the thrill.

I want to go somewhere with warm weather, can you arrange that?

The fun thing about the weather is that it changes everyday and can’t always be guaranteed! Ask yourself whether is it the destination or the weather that makes a trip memorable. Of course you can increase your chances of catching the sun by opting for Mediterranean Europe when booking!

Can I exclude any destinations?

Yes, at least if you want to be sure that you will not end up in the one city that you know like the back of your hand. Because you already exclude a decent sized area with Mediterranean Europe, we ask you to exclude only one city. If you select anywhere in Europe, a maximum of 3 cities applies. Also keep in mind that we never send you to the same destination twice. livechat

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