We love surprises

The best things always happen when you leave your familiar surroundings in search of adventure. We know from experience that the less you know, the more exhilarating the surprise. That’s why we keep it to ourselves. You leave everything to us and we pull out all the stops to ensure you have a fantastic trip. That’s our promise. So you return from your break the way you should; inspired, recharged and totally surprised.

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Why choose for a surprise?

No recycled version of someone else’s holiday

We don’t all want the same kind of holiday as our next-door neighbour. We don’t all want to wade through hundreds of reviews, eat in carefully selected restaurants and follow well-worn recommended routes. We don’t all want our trip to be mapped out. Some of us want spontaneity. Adventure. To do something that’s totally ours. A holiday where we go wherever and do whatever takes our fancy right at that moment. Where we’re exposed to new experiences and enjoy a genuine break from the routine.

A holiday is a state of mind, not a destination

Having a great time away isn’t about how far the hotel is from the beach or how highly the closest restaurant is rated. A truly refreshing break is about being in a mindset that’s open to everything a new country has to offer. If you don’t know where you’re going till the last moment, every day away is a great surprise, as you wake up in an unfamiliar place and do whatever feels right at that moment.

No more stressful decisions

There are thousands of travel agents decked in colourful posters. Millions of websites with endless pictures of blue swimming pools. Billions of brochures showing off pristine white beaches. Too many to choose from, actually. We say no to decision stress. When you come with us, you don’t have to go through that. You just need to tell us when you want to go and what you’re prepared to spend. We take care of everything else. And we don’t just send you anywhere. We hand-pick quality accommodation and sensible flight times. Just as we’d do for ourselves.

Open up to the unknown

The best things happen when you walk away from your safe, familiar environment and embrace the spirit of adventure. When you don’t know what to expect, you can let your imagination run free and really enjoy the surprise. Strolling through deserted alleys to discover a restaurant where you don’t understand a thing, the red wine is too cold, but the food is incredible, is a priceless experience. This is what memories are made of.


srprs.me beginnings

What gave you the idea of setting up a travel agency for people to book trips without knowing where they’re going?

Stefan, one of srprs.me’s founders, was in Barcelona for a few days for work when he realised he had nothing planned for the weekend. Coming to Barcelona had given him the travel bug and he felt an urge to check out another country. He called a colleague and asked her to book him a flight to the destination of her choice, and only tell him when to be at the airport and which gate to go to.

Stefan arrived at the airport, checked the information boards, and a couple of hours later he was in Marrakesh. It was an amazing weekend. Because he had absolutely nothing planned he was more open to different people and different things. A taxi driver took him to the Atlas Mountains, where spent the afternoon with a Berber family. He experienced that carefree feeling which has disappeared from our lives. And so, srprs.me was conceived.

Together with Marcel and Raymond, Stefan’s partners with whom he also owns Concept7 design club, the idea was developed into a business. The trio were soon joined by Tim, who was able to devote all his attention to srprs.me. Ever since, the company’s purpose has been to give people holidays which take them out of their comfort zones and open them up to new, unforgettable experiences.

In addition to this, we actually want to give the travel industry a shake. We think things would improve a great deal if our core values of openness, honesty and truth were adopted more widely. And everyone could benefit from more innovation and diversity. This is who we are and what we want to achieve!

What the srprs.me team has seen of the world

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