Embrace adventure:
The best trips aren’t the ones you plan

They’re the ones that find you...

We take care of your flights and ace accommodation.
You will discover your destination at the airport.

Leana, srprs.consultant

Are you curious what happens when you book?

Leana, srprs.consultant

How it works...

  • Choose your theme

    Go on a City Break. Forget about your comfort zone, pick a theme and say how long you want to be away.

  • Take the plunge

    If you know when you’d like to travel, you can check the actual price to see if it’s within your budget. Tell us up to three destinations you don't want to go to. Complete your booking and we’ll get straight down to work to make it happen. Here’s how…

  • Hello personal planner

    Yes, that’s right. You’ll be assigned your own srprs.consultant who chooses your destination, finds your flights and books your accommodation. Don’t worry, they’ll only select establishments with favourable reviews. You’re welcome to call or email them any time you have questions.

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  • Share your adventure

    Every srprs.traveller gets their own countdown clock. You’ll find yours on your personal srprs.page. You can invite friends to follow your adventure via this page. This means they’ll find out where you’re off to just after you have revealed your destination.

  • Bikini or ski suit?

    Seven days before departure we’ll post the weather forecast for your destination on your personal page. A timely, practical tip to help you pack. Do you have any idea where you're going yet?

    • 8th June
      Max. temp
      24 °C
    • 9th June
      Max. temp
      20 °C
    • 10th June
      Max. temp
      22 °C
  • Check your post

    A couple of days before you go, a scratchcard will arrive in the post. This reveals a code, which is your key to discovering your destination. Can you resist the urge to open it before?

  • Reveal your destination

    This is the moment! You’re at the airport. With no idea where you’ll be in just a few hours time. Get your card out and scratch to see the code. Oh wow! You’re off to...

  • An awesome experience

    If there’s one promise we make, it’s that you’ll never forget this adventure. The best things happen when you step out of your comfort zone. But don’t just take our word for it. See what’s been said by those who’ve already travelled with us.

    Like finally being able to unwrap the Christmas presents… ›

    Incredibly addictive… ›

    We even went out for dinner with some locals… ›

    I've never seen something so impressive… ›

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Frequently asked questions

  • How old do I need to be to go on a srprs.trip?

    You can go on a srprs.trip at any age. However minors below 18 years old need to be accompanied by someone who is at least 18 and have written permission from both parents or guardians.

  • Is srprs.me fun at any age?

    Absolutely. You're never too young or too old for an adventure.

  • Can I bring my children?

    Of course! They'll love it. Just let us know, so we can be sure to create a suitable holiday for you all.

  • What if I don't like a certain destination?

    You may give us up to three cities which you don't want to go to, perhaps because you've already been there. We'll make sure to send you somewhere exciting!

  • Will you take my preferences into account?

    Absolutely. If there is something we need to know, please mention them whilst booking your trip.

  • Can you give a srprs.trip as a present?

    Absolutely. Booking a srprs.trip for someone else is a great gift idea! If you aren’t quite sure about which theme and dates to pick, you can simply give them a srprs.giftcard.

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