City Trip

Discover your destination when you get to the airport. It’s the most relaxed you’ll ever be about going to a new city! Leave it to us to pick your flight and arrange ace accommodation you'll be happy with.

Forget about forward-planning

  • Take a short break, somewhere in Europe
  • Stay in centrally located accommodation
  • Discover the city in a completely different way
  • Forget the guidebook. Make your own discoveries
  • Turn the unknown into the unforgettable
  • Secretly we did have some nerves, excitement and adrenalin.. But what a kick it was to be surprised with the destination! It felt so free and wonderful to just enjoy without having to lift a finger. Such an adventure and experience. All we can say is this; let go and just do it!

You take care of

  • A valid passport
  • Travel to and from the airport
  • Food, drink and any activities
  • Making sure you’re at the airport at least two hours before you’re due to fly
  • Any taxes which have to be paid locally
  • Travel and cancellation insurance

Prices and availability

Prices are per person. Pick a date to see the total price.

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How many days?

All or mediterranean Europe?

What is the difference?

Where would you prefer to sleep?

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